Hot air ballooning is the oldest form of aviation!

Join us on a journey and adventure, as we explore the skies of Greece and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A ride in a hot-air balloon perfectly balances a thrilling adventure and a peaceful way to shift your outlook. Can give you a fresh perspective.


Flight duration always depends on current weather conditions, approximately 40 min. included: glass of prosecco after the flight, snacks, certificate & souvenir.

Average weight per person is 85 kg(+-10kgs), please contact us before booking if this weight is exceeded.

Rates are subject to change in case of significant economic changes (e.g. extreme rise of fuel costs).

Children: under 1m 20cm are not allowed to fly. At any case, parents hold full responsibility for their children before, during and after flight.

Pregnant women: participation is not recommended. It is only accepted if she signs a relevant document accepting that the decision is solely her responsibility, and the company is not responsible for any negative effects from the flight.

People with cardiovascular diseases are not recommended to participate.


Once the booking is made, refund is possible only if the weather didn’t allow us to make a ride until guest departure (otherwise flight is rescheduled) or in case of medical incident that does not allow guest to participate in the ride.

TV, Photography, Film:

The hot air balloons can also be used as aerial platforms for aerial shots on the go or as static balloon. We have extensive knowledge of both, film and TV work.

Cinematographic works and photography work is also our specialty.

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The hot air balloon has proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool, and friendly with the media and perfect for outdoor promotions, trade shows, etc. Due to the combined knowledge of our balloon flight and experience the ROTORS Air Business is able to plan, supervise and manage specialized, hot air balloons for your requirements.

Most people only once flying a hot air balloon, but the memory lasts a lifetime. Flying clients or your staff in an event in front of a crowd or even in front of TV cameras will lead brand or your message to your target audience and beyond. Whether it is a sports event or a trade show we can prepare a corporate balloon, from the construction, design and management of the finished product – to suit every occasion.

Please call us at: 210 2284000 to discuss your requirements.

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