Authorisation of High Risk Commercial Specialised Operations: ENAC-IT.SPOHR.0031

set a new bar on professionalism, safety, and quality.

The leading helicopter provider for aerial work in the area.

We offer fast and efficient aerial transport of materials, constructions and machinery with the possibility of aerial assembly / disassemble.

A flexible fleet of helicopters with the support of modern ground vehicles, tanks and special tool collections, can meet the requirements of our customer, for fast performance of any type of air transport, with the ability to lift external loads, directly from 100 kg to 1.100 kg and by agreement up to 19.000 kg.

The ROTORS team, consisting of experienced pilots and specially trained loadmasters, guarantees fast response and delivery times of the project, with the greatest safety and quality.

We are trusted by the largest companies, public organizations and government agencies, in Greece and throughout Europe! Why not you?

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