The Flight Park 

Kastro, Viotia (Rotors):
Airport “VP” : ultra light aircraft – helicopter
114.5km National Road Athens – Thessaloniki E1, Kastro, zc 32200, Viotia. Hellas E-mail:

Saturday & Sunday
The airport is located in Kastro, Kopais drained lake and next to the village of Kastro Viotia, is a place of recreation with unobstructed views of the vast plain. The airport includes the 400m X 60m, good quality grass runway 230m X 30m. It is a private airport and landings/take offs, allowed only after owner’s permission that is given in advance.
The mild climate of Kopais, allows flight activity’s throughout the year, is the ideal location to enjoy your flight.

Visitors and spectators are welcome.

airfield VP

Approval HCAA: Under Approval
Use: Day VFR/VMC
Contact: +30 2102284000  Email:
Coordinates: N38° 28’ 44.33’’, E023° 9’ 16.74’’
Runway: 360° – 180° / 230m x 30m Grass (aerial 400mx60m)
Elevation: 305 feet
Unicom: VHF 119.70
Callsign : Victor Papa “VP”
Wind Socks: 2
Flying Plan Code: ZZZZ – Kastro Viotia.
Fuel: 98 or 95 Octane fuel
Hangar: 300m , Under Construction 1.000m²




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