Air Operator Certificate AOC: ENAC-IT.AOC.071

set a new bar on professionalism, safety, and quality.

Rotors offers private helicopters in all size and engines categories to satisfy your every request. We look forward to providing an optimal aircraft for your private or business requirements, focusing on factors such as comfort, cabin size and flight time. With a vast selection of helicopter in the Europe, you can expect great service, professionalism, speed and competitive prices from us.

Each of your flights will be tailored to your route, schedule, confidentiality needs and budget. Our goal is to provide a unique and personalized service.

We ensure that all aircraft used by ROTORS AIR BUSINESS meet the global standards set by Civil Aviation Authorities and that all crews are highly trained.

Rotors can arrange landing or take-off areas near your departure point or destination for your convenience.

Heli services in Athens for your every need!
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