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Heli services in Athens for your every need:

Flying by helicopter is a fast and efficient way to connect airports and cities or to reach remote destinations, avoiding traffic jams and long waits at airports.

On-demand helicopters:

A helicopter rental in Greece offers a unique and unforgettable way to explore this beautiful country that offers the world countless impressive archaeological sites that seem to stand outside and beyond time. Theaters, stadiums, temples, public markets and endless beautiful natural landscapes, capture a history that exceeds 5.000 years. From stunning aerial views to access to remote destinations and events, ease of exploration, personalized experiences and unforgettable memories, there are countless reasons why renting a helicopter is the perfect way to enhance your business, family or individual vacations. your needs.


Rotors Air Business customizes the helicopter flight plan according to your needs and has the ability to arrange areas to land or take off near your point of departure or destination for your best and safest service.

Air Operator Certificate:

It operates under Air Operator Certificate AOC (ENAC-IT.AOC.071).

Ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and ethics in every organisational and operational process we undertake.



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