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The great archaeological sites of Greek territory seem to stand outside and beyond time.

Greece offers the world over 100 imposing archaeological sites, theaters, stadiums, temples, public markets and endless gorgeous natural landscapes, illustrate a history of more than 5.000 years.

Sightseeing to Greece
ATHENS, with twin turbine engines helicopter: Τeeming with archeological monuments, grandiose sports facilities, the city’s main port, the busy streets and so much more, only in 30′ & 60′ minutes of flight. Get a great view from above of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus or even the Greek Parliament and the Panathinaikon Stadium. Extend your trip to Sounio and the Greek Temple of Poseidon, which rests atop the steepest cliff and, finally, let your eyes feast upon the Aegean Sea and the Isles of the Saronic Gulf.

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  • Route 1 Flight time 01:00’: Athens Α/D Venizelos – Olympic Stadium – Lycabettus Hill – Athens Academy – National Library – Ancient Agora – Acropolis – Panathenaic Stadium – Port of Piraeus – Aegina island Temple of Athena – Athens Α/D Venizelos.
  • Route 2 Flight time 01:00’: Athens Α/D Venizelos – Sounio – Temple of Poseidon – Athens coast blvd – Lagonissi resort – Kavouri – Panathenaic Stadium- Acropolis – Olympic stadium – Lycabettus Hill – Athens Α/D Venizelos


MAMA MIA sightseeing:

Αn aerial helicopter tour at the points of Skopelos that filmed “MAMA MIA” 

Route No 1: only Skopelos point MAMA MIA

Athens Int. Airport – Skkopelos Amarantos – Agnontas – Panormos – Milia – Kastani – Chora Skopelos – Glysteri – Kastri Agios Ioannis – Heliport Skopelos – Athens Int. Airport.

Route No2: all points ΜΑΜΑΜΙΑ (Skopelos – Skiathos – Pilio)

Athens Int. Airport – Skopelos Amarantos – Agnontas – Panormos – Milia – Kastani – Chora Skopelos – Glysteri – Kastri Agios Ioannis – Skiathos old port & Agios Nikolaos – Pilio Damouchari – Heliport Skopelos – Athens Int. Airport.


Epidaurus heli tour, Flight Time 01:00’ Route: Athens Α/D Venizelos – Olympic Stadium – Lycabettus Hill – Panathenaic Stadium – Acropolis – Piraeus port –  Ancient Epidaurus – Aegina –  Athens Α/D Venizelos.

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Mykenae heli tour, Flight Time 01:15’  Route: Athens Α/D Venizelos – Aegina island Temple of Athena – Epidaurus – Nafplion – Mykines – Ancient CorinthCorinth canalAthens Α/D Venizelos.

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Delphi heli tour, Flight Time 01:25’  Route: Athens Α/D Venizelos – Olympic Stadium – Lycabettus Hill – Acropolis – Monastiraki – Piraeus port – Delphi – Corinth canalAthens Α/D Venizelos heli tour delfi 2

Meteora you have been waiting for centuries now. meteora heli tour 1

Santorini Heli tour: enjoy the sunset on the beaches of the island and the volcano.

heli tour santorini

Mykonos Heli tour: enjoy the beaches of island, Tinos and ancient Delos.

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