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Authorisation of High Risk Commercial Specialised Operations

ROTORS we are specialized in performing demanding work for the energy sector performed by helicopters, it has the best and most accurate pilots as well as specially trained & certified Load Masters in each project:

  • Stringing and assembly of power lines.
  • Hauling electrical cables and steel cables for ski lifts.
  • Positioning precision power line pylons.
  • Washing high voltage insulators.
  • Power line: Maintenance and repair.
  • Computerized Electronic visual Inspection (CEV Inspection).
  • Thermal image inspections.
  • Power line Patrol.
  • Cutting tree branches with a helicopter near power lines

Insulators washing:

The long experience and expertise RAB’s and its partners in the washing of insulators, in conjunction with the helicopter AIRBUS H125 guarantee the sound and safe performance of work.


Aerial inspection:

Aerial inspection allows you to spot problems in remote locations and dispatch repair crews to restore service quickly and efficiently.


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  • Spreading & stretching power line cables – Insulator washing live line:
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