Authorisation of High Risk Commercial Specialised Operations: ENAC-IT.SPOHR.0031


Fly Smart, Fly Safely! for Minimum total Cost, Fast Delivery, Unlimited Flexibility!


Instead of claiming to be “the industry leader”, we ask that you allow us to show you what we do best – great customer service with a personal touch and a great price.
With a family tradition in aviation dating back to 1976 we are a full service aerial provider providing expert, cost effective services to meet all your construction needs.
ROTORS is the choice of public organizations and construction companies for aerial support in their construction projects.

Your project – Our Experience.

  • Aerial support for ski resorts and shelters.

Construction & services of general interest, Public Utilities – Energy:

  • Supervision/Monitoring of projects.
  • Accuracy Lifting and positioning: hutches, solar panels, air conditioning units, roof, deck, bearings, prefabricated components, antennas, train lines, water pipes, pipe production, GRID protection from rock falls
  • External Loads transport (materials and tools) and aerial installation-assembly, in inaccessible areas.
  • Oil & Gas, on & ofsshore.
  • Transportation staff.
  • Transportation and aerial assembling rigs.
  • Transport external loads (materials and tools) and placement in awkward areas.
  • Offshore operations.
  • Insulators washed live line.
  • Hauling cables by helicopter
  • Hauling electrical cables and steel cables for skilifts.
  • Computer Electronic Visual intensive inspection (CEV inspection).
  • Telecoms transport – installation of pylons,transport and Installation of lattice masts & Appliances.
  • Inspection – Repair telecoms.
  • Washing wind turbine blades.
  • Inspection of the gas pipeline.
  • Mapping.

Productions (video – film – images) with Helicopter, airplane or hot air balloon:

  • Aerial photography
  • Air cinematography
  • Events air coverage
  • TV & Radio productions
  • Air Advertising & Banner
  • Promotion products & Business

Forestry Applications, Agricultural Applications, Industrial Applications, Scientific Applications:

  • Supervised projects.
  • Flights Pollution Control.
  • Support Forestry.
  • Nature: Discover, Check and Transfer of rare species of plants, wildlife, birds, reptiles.
  • Firefighting.
  • Observation to road and railway traffic.
  • Mapping
Research & Motor racing (Rally):
  • Flights Research Tracking: people – vehicles – boats.

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