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Ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and ethics in every organisational and operational process we undertake.


Some types of work are difficult or impossible to perform without the use of a helicopter. ROTORS has extensive experience in aerial work, particularly in the execution of support contracts, Power grid, RES, Construction, Mining in remote locations.

We carry out these missions with the expertise you demand thanks to a team of experienced professionals. We carry out multiple and diversified tasks. partnering with industry-respected ROTORS AIR BUSINESS, we provide you with:

  1. Customer Service: From the first phone call you will work hand-in-hand with your pilot, ensuring consistency, expertise and clear communication
  2. Cost Effectiveness: We work with you to get you the best possible price by offering competitive quotes.
  3. On-site support: Including ground crew, fuel truck and appropriate devices for any form of aerial work, throughout the project, drastically reducing time and cost.

The highest safety standards:

To ensure the highest standards of safety, the aerial work we undertake is carefully managed in accordance with our internal Safety Management System and Quality Control System. We look after and provide you with top staff (Pilots with thousands of hours of flying in every form of aerial work as well as certified Lond masters) and equipment so you can carry out your work with confidence.


Highly trained with thousands of flight hours in all types of aerial work. they will amaze you with their accuracy, knowledge and ethics.

Ground crew:

Well-informed ground crew at both pick-up and drop-off points are vital to the safe execution of an external helicopter cargo operation. We ensure that every team member has a deep understanding of:

  1. Marshalling signals – in order to communicate with the pilot and other crew members in a noisy environment.
  2. The hook and its release mechanism.
  3. The performance and maneuverability of the helicopter within the operating area.
  4. The effect of wind and weather on the helicopter and the cargo.

Training and inspections:

ROTORS ensures a high standard of training and refresher training is maintained for all pilots and crew members.

In addition, equipment is thoroughly tested and recertified as needed to ensure its suitability and reliability for the job at hand.

Helicopters for aerial operations SPO:

ROTORS uses Airbus H125 helicopter capable of carrying up to 1.400 kg MSL. In case a higher capacity helicopter is required, it has the ability to provide different types of helicopters, upon agreement. “Actual performance figures (payload, speed, range, passengers) will be determined by the weather conditions and elevation above sea level at the time of the mission”.

Operating License (SPOHR):

Authorization of High Risk Commercial Specialized Operations ENAC-IT.SPOHR.0031.

ROTORS has extensive experience in aerial operations, particularly in the execution of support contracts such as:

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