Authorisation of High Risk Commercial Specialised Operations: ENAC-IT.SPOHR.0031


Fly Smart, Fly Safely! for Minimum total Cost, Fast Delivery, Unlimited Flexibility!

The ROTORS is recognized by both public and private manufacturers as a leader in the field of air support services for construction projects. With a family tradition dating back to 1976 is a full service provider and the best company to provide specialized, cost effective services to cover all your construction needs.

Your project – Our Experience.

  • Aerial support for ski resorts and shelters.

Construction & services of general interest, Public Utilities – Energy:

  • Supervision/Monitoring of projects.
  • Accuracy Lifting and positioning: hutches, solar panels, air conditioning units, roof, deck, bearings, prefabricated components, antennas, train lines, water pipes, pipe production, GRID protection from rock falls
  • External Loads transport (materials and tools) and aerial installation-assembly, in inaccessible areas.
  • Oil & Gas, on & ofsshore.
  • Transportation staff.
  • Transportation and aerial assembling rigs.
  • Transport external loads (materials and tools) and placement in awkward areas.
  • Offshore operations.
  • Insulators washed live line.
  • Hauling cables by helicopter
  • Hauling electrical cables and steel cables for skilifts.
  • Computer Electronic Visual intensive inspection (CEV inspection).
  • Telecoms transport – installation of pylons,transport and Installation of lattice masts & Appliances.
  • Inspection – Repair telecoms.
  • Washing wind turbine blades.
  • Inspection of the gas pipeline.
  • Mapping.

Productions (video – film – images) with Helicopter, airplane or hot air balloon:

  • Aerial photography
  • Air cinematography
  • Events air coverage
  • TV & Radio productions
  • Air Advertising & Banner
  • Promotion products & Business

Forestry Applications, Agricultural Applications, Industrial Applications, Scientific Applications:

  • Supervised projects.
  • Flights Pollution Control.
  • Support Forestry.
  • Nature: Discover, Check and Transfer of rare species of plants, wildlife, birds, reptiles.
  • Firefighting.
  • Observation to road and railway traffic.
  • Mapping
Research & Motor racing (Rally):
  • Flights Research Tracking: people – vehicles – boats.

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