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Your Project – Our Experience.

Our and our partners’ experience in this field allows you to focus on the project and the design, without ever worrying about our ability to support your goals.

We make sure to provide you with top-of-the-line equipment so you can perform your work with confidence.

ROTORS is the choice of public organizations and the largest construction companies for aerial support in their construction projects.

Our design office plans and executes each project in the most economical, efficient and safe way, so as to allow us flexibility, which can only be limited by imagination.

Construction & Public Utility Projects – Energy – RES:

    • Project supervision.
    • Precision lifting and placing of: houses, photovoltaic panels, air conditioning units, roofs, bridges, reserves, precast elements, antennas, train lines, water pipes, production pipes.
    • Transport of external loads (materials, tools, machines) and aerial installation-assembly, in hard-to-reach areas.
    • Rockfall Protection (Landslides). Transport and installation of metal mesh to protect slopes from falling rocks, etc.
    • Oil & Gas Research.
    • Transportation of personnel to hard-to-reach areas.
    • Transportation and aerial assembly of drilling rigs.
    • Offshore operations.
    • Telecommunications, transport and installation of mobile telephony masts, inspection-repair
    • Inspection of fixed lines and mobile networks.
    • Washing wind turbine blades.
    • Natural gas pipeline inspection.


  •  transport – aerial placement or replacement of Line pillars,
  • overhead wiring,
  • Washing of High Voltage insulators under voltage.
  • Inspection of live power transmission lines.

Forestry, Agricultural, Industrial, Scientific Applications:

  • Project supervision.
  • Pollution control flights.
  • Forestry Support, Forest Protection,
  • Forest fire fighting
  • Nature: detection, Control and Transport of rare species of plants-animals-birds-reptiles.
  • Geological surveys.
  • Water Sampling

Civil protection:

  • removal of obstacles from extreme weather phenomena (floods, landslides, etc.),
  • evacuation of residents, etc.

Shelter catering, Ski catering.

Productions (video – film – images):

  • Aerial photography by helicopter.
  • Aerial filming.
  • Event coverage.
  • Television & Radio productions.
  • Aerial advertising, Banners.
  • Display products & Businesses.
  • Digital imaging of projects.


  • Monitoring – Control of the movement of the road, railway and ferry network.
  • Imprints.
  • Mapping.

Motor Sports Competitions:

  • Search and Rescue flights: people – vehicles – boats.
  • Control of special routes.
  • Monitoring of competitors.

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