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Power Line - Live Line


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The RAB's with its partners undertake with live line:

  • Washing high voltage insulators.
  • Power line: Maintenance and repair.
  • Computerized Electronic visual Inspection (CEV Inspection).
  • Thermal image inspections.
  • Power line Patrol.
  • Trimming the trees with helicopter.

Insulators washing:

The long experience and expertise RAB's and its partners in the washing of insulators, in conjunction with the helicopter Bell-206 Jet Ranger & Long Ranger with low operating costs and higher safety ratings in the aviation industry and wash system USA AIRMOBILE with worldwide patent guarantee the sound and safe performance of work.

Aerial inspection:

Aerial inspection allows you to spot problems in remote locations and dispatch repair crews to restore service quickly and efficiently.
d hmmp washing


  • Bell-206b3
  • Bell-206L3
  • AS-350B3

& UAV's

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B206 INS
d-hmmp 3
insulator washing 09 2010 014
insulator washing 09 2010 017
insulator washing 09 2010 020
insulator washing 09 2010 023
insulator washing 09 2010 024
insulator washing 09 2010 025
insulator washing 1116
insulator washing 1467
insulator washing 1468
insulator washing 1469
insulator washing 1474
insulator washing 1476
insulator washing 2010 021


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